The Paulding Paranormal Society

771_10153387614430223_264933717_nStarted in 2006, PPS has come a long ways since it’s humble beginnings. What started off as open community meetings to discuss paranormal topics with like-minded individuals has become a full blown entity that aims at helping it’s community. We’ve handled cases all over the southeast with more than 2200 hours time in the field and over 500 investigations¬†handled. Since it’s formation PPS has created two documentaries to showcase what we do and, thankfully, both have been met with great success.1399800_10153387630335223_761677844_o Hundreds attended the local screenings with hundreds of thousands viewing it online. PPS has now set out to create a 3rd film in a new format due for Fall 2016. In the meantime we’re also working on new content to post to our Youtube channel.

If you believe you are experiencing paranormal phenomenon do not hesitate to contact us.


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Verifiable Evidence

The team decided in 2011 to create a documentary. Nothing was really “planned” with it. It was more a project to keep us busy. To give us something to do and to look forward to. That year we screened a very early and very rough draft of Verifiable Evidence at the Paranormal Kicks Cancer event. With a standing ovation we knew we wanted to do more. A few weeks passed and what to do next was discussed at a team meeting. We knew¬†we wanted to do something feature length and we wanted to bring it to our hometown. The wheels began turning and we can began to reach out to our various contacts about locations we had previously investigated and it’s inclusion in the film. At that same time we reached out to our local theater about conducting a screening event.




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Verifiable Evidence 2: Haunted Houses

The team enjoyed the outcome of the original Verifiable Evidence with meeting new people, handling great cases, so much came from the screening event. It was this time that PPS decided to take it a step further and create a follow up film. Brainstorming and batting around ideas it was decided to go with the theme of haunted houses. PPS found something intriguing with this idea. The possibility that this could be you, your friends, family, or someone you simply know… what’s more unnerving than that? Besides that, it was created to show you that you may not be alone.