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So time for some PPS news,
The White Oak Restoration Project is still in the works. Phase 1 is complete. This involved a basic assessment of the grounds and cleaning up of the land. We also cut grass, recrossed some crosses, and other things of this nature. Phase 2 involves a bit of the same. It’s general maintenance, basically. The wood to some of the crosses were missing so one volunteer managed to get their hands on some lumber we could use. Our hope is to have White Oak restored to something we can be proud of by this time next year.

The documentary is still in the works. We’ve filmed a few locations already and are awaiting return visits there. We’re still contacting locations as well as scouting our own locations. If you have a place we could get into, that would be comfortable with us filming, investigating, and interviewing eye witnesses please let us know by using the Contact Us form located at the top.

We’re going to have a new site design soon. Keep an eye out for that.

I made a promise to myself and the team last year to do “one big thing” each year. Last year we did the Haunted Euharlee tour and it was met with great success and a generally great response. Halloween is a little more than 3 months away and we’re already cracking ideas on what we can offer you, the public. We have 3 top-running ideas and we’re gathering intel. I’ve got assignments handed out, contact information ready, and we’re waiting to see which of the “Big Three” bite first. I’ve also setup a deadline to let you guys know by the end of this month. So stay tuned!


Your friend neighborhood ghost hunters,
Paulding Paranormal Society

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