Events, Haunted Paulding, and other news.

The Paulding Paranormal Society has been invited to the Paranormal Kicks Cancer event, as featured guest, September 24th, 2011 in Albany, GA.
We’ve decided to screen an early release of our documentary for the event. Shortly after the event we will make the video available for free streaming on Youtube and eventually available on DVD for those who would like to help support the team and possibly see more videos in the future!

We will be making a special appearance as guides and guests at the Holliday-Dorsey-Fife House October 22nd, 2011 in Fayetteville, GA.
We’ll be showcasing evidence caught from the 100+ year old house itself as well as assisting in the Spirit Walk held there every year.

The team will also be featured in an upcoming episode of Discover Paulding, on Comcast 23 & 24 as well as Youtube. It’s bound to be an eventful night!

Sorry about the downtime for Haunted Paulding. While I managed to stop a lot of the spam we were still experiencing a lot of it. A new forum system has been implemented that’s guaranteed to be virtually spam free! Unfortunately, this new system didn’t allow me to save the old posts from our system. I’m working on a conversion script that will allow me to add them.

We’re still working on a new layout for the site.

The team will be holding a vote soon regarding team-affiliates. We stopped allowing team affiliates some time ago due to our own case log not giving us the time needed to help assist others with cases they felt needed other bodies.

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