5th Anniversary for PPS

This month and meeting marks the 5th Anniversary for the team and it’s 6th year actively investigating

October 2006, Chris and I embarked on our first event by escorting nearly 30 people around White Oak Cemetery, a now urban legend-like location here in our hometown.

Literally the next day, PPS was founded and we began having “open community meetings” which was met with great success. We never had less than 10 people show up and our best nights averaged 25 people. Unfortunately, as the team grew more mainstream and quickly gained what we called “core members” we had to stop including real-team related discussions at these meetings (i.e. cases, locations, clients) and we eventually stopped the open meetings altogether due to our case load requiring priority.

After that we had monthly team meetings to discuss the various cases and events we were working. We got our first “team clothing” designed for members. And started networking with other teams, even going as far as to attend one particular teams Karaoke Night they did on the side.

Since our formation in 2006, we’ve conducted hundreds of cases and helped dozens of families in need of help with things they couldn’t understand. I’m proud of this team, it’s members both past and present, and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for The Paulding Paranormal Society.

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