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In late 2011, The Paulding Paranormal Society previewed an early copy of our documentary, “Verifiable Evidence”, at the Paranormal Kicks Cancer event in Albany, GA. This unfinished version of the film garnered extreme praise from the attendees and from those who were viewing the event via web cast. We were extremely flattered by the response, and have used the experience to continue to refine the documentary.

The entire team has been busying themselves with the project. As PPS is blessed with a diverse and earnest staff, “Verifiable Evidence” has become an extremely important and personal adventure. That being said, we are extremely excited and proud to announce that we’ll be releasing the film later this year!

In October, 2012, we will be holding an exclusive screening at The Dallas Theater!

Join us as we travel to some of Georgia’s most haunted locations and present real-life paranormal evidence from locations right here in our own backyard!

More details, a preview, and ticket sales will be posted in the coming weeks. Please subscribe to our newsletter (to your right) to be kept up to date on our progress.

We’ll also be returning to The Holliday-Dorsey-Fife House multiple times this year. To be followed by another appearance from PPS at their October event. Details on this to come.

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8 Responses

  1. woohoo!! I can’t wait to see this! please keep us updated. I’ve subscribed to your newsletter, too!!

  2. This should prove to be very interesting. I love watching this stuff on T.V. and I’m really looking forward to see stuff that has been caught around the Atlanta area!

  3. i watched the web cast of the preview and it was really cool but had to turn up my speakers a lot to hear it cannot wait for this to be released thanks guys

  4. Of course! We’re still in the editing phase so by the final take there’s no telling what locations will get cut and which will be included, BUT we are including Paulding County locations in the film.

  5. I’m so glad I signed up for your news letter. had it not been for it this would keep slipping my mind. I’m very much looking forward to it and want to be reminded. Do you guys take people on ghost hunts with you?

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