Followup Film Coming

Hey gang!
PPS member Billy here with some updates.

Given the feedback from our first film we’ve decided (and have begun) to develop the followup film to be released in 2013. Our plan is the same as last year… to have a screening then release it on DVD. We’re suppose to meet soon with the local theater about another screening event! But we’ve decided to change up the event format and make it 1 day, have earlier show times, but more screenings per day. This is the plan, though the end result may differ. We’ll keep you updated.

Because we’re first time publishers, the DVD process takes longer. I’ve been assured that the next one, should there be one, will be much faster.

That said, we got our final approval and the DVDs should actually be ready soon. We severely underestimated the review process and we want to apologize to anyone who wants to buy one. We will post about them with a link when they are ready.

All the locations but one in the original film were Paulding County based. And our hope (and goal) for the followup is to include more locations that are OK with us displaying their names on film.

Thank you for your time and for your support!

Your friendly neighborhood ghost hunters!

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