Working with Orbs

Hey gang! We haven’t written an article in a while and thought we would post one because it has been asked of us a lot recently. Well that isn’t true… we write a lot of articles but after some debate within the team we typically opt to not share them. This one, however, we feel we need a common resource to point our clients to when this particular topic comes up.

We’ve always had clients, past and present, try to discuss “orbs” with us and in particular why we don’t bother with them. While some orbs can be amazing and at times mind blowing, the truth is that orbs are pretty hard to actually distinguish and are usually not at the center of any paranormal activity you are experiencing. We typically discard our own orb evidence immediately. It’s difficult to separate positive from false-positive when it comes to orbs. So many anomalies, many unseen by the human eye, can appear in the flash of a camera or lighting that it makes depicting what is and isn’t an orb quite difficult.

Orbs aren’t considered a spirit (or ghost) but rather a form of energy that either indicates a spirit is present, a spirit trying to manifest, or the energy that a ghost needs in order to do an action. There’s a lot of mystery behind what exactly an orb is. More often than not, though, orbs are simply debris in the air like dust or bugs. A dead giveaway on most dust orbs, for example, is the inner ring inside the circle just below the edge.

True orbs are believed to not have this inner ring, to be a spherical shape as opposed to a flat circle, and to illuminate it’s own light. We have special programs that help us narrow down these parameters in determining if an “orb” may be a true orb. But we usually don’t bother. It’s not really considered “evidence” and as stated before it’s not actually a ghost.

Below are some examples of false-positive orbs.

Rich-Dust-Orbs-In-Motion Rich-Bugs-Composite-Thumbnail Rich-White-And-Gray-Dust-Orbs-Thumbnail
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