Verifiable Evidence 2: Haunted Houses – The First Trailer

We’ve had some great cases this year and really look forward the what 2013 still has to bring! In  the mean time we decided to jump the gun a little and release the first trailer for this year film.

The Paulding Paranormal Society
Verifiable Evidence 2: Haunted Houses
Join PPS as we venture into some of our areas most haunted homes. You won’t believe some of the evidence captured this year. And who knows… it could be just next door!

Just to add… all the cases may not be homes but most of them will be. We’re still going over our recordings and evidence to see what fits and what doesn’t. We still have many more upcoming cases so stay tuned!

Last year’s film, for the DVD release had to be postponed (sent in a revised copy) but we plan to offer, now, both DVD release as well as making a modified version available on Youtube! Stay tuned for that.

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