Is there a werewolf in Paulding county? Probably not…

No true believers, you did not misread the title. Is there a werewolf in Paulding County? Probably not- but that hasn’t stopped the nearly two dozen sightings that have been reported since 2006. You read that right, nearly TWO DOZEN reported sightings of a werewolf-like creature have occurred here in Paulding County, Georgia.

The area in question seems to stretch from High Shoals Road all the way to Lucas Road. Nearly every report is the same. Someone’s driving their car and sees something with incredible speed cross the road in front of them. They slow down to see what it was, only to be greeted with a glimpse of the alleged Paulding County werewolf. Lucas Road 3

Towering over any known canine, people claim it to be nearly 7 feet tall. That’s more than twice the size of an adult large breed dog. All reports have described the beast as having piercing red eyes and a dull charcoal grey coat with similarly colored skin exposed. Every report about the physical description has remained the same. And we can confirm with confidence that most of the people who send us reports of this creature have no connections to one another. They are seemingly and entirely independent reports.

Now don’t go out there with your guns blazin’, hunting some werewolf on the backroads of Paulding County just yet! More than likely, the werewolf is just local folklore, although recent sightings have put that into question. These two dozen reported werewolf sightings have happened as lately as last month (July 2015).

With that being said, what do you think these people are seeing? It’s not a school-of-thought we usually subscribe to, but who can really say what experiences may or may not have happened? We don’t mean to demean anyone’s experiences or beliefs. We would just like to know where more people stand on the matter.

Have you seen the werewolf of Paulding county?

The articles published here unless otherwise cited are intended for education and entertainment purposes only. These are stories of lore and personal experiences that PPS has received from others that they feel are with genuine intent. Nothing you see here is meant to be set in stone; rather it’s meant to stir discussion and provoke the imagination.
The Paulding Paranormal Society, it’s members, affiliates, affiliate websites, writers, commenters, and so forth cannot and will not ever recommend you investigate, visit, or conduct any sort of activity at any location we publish about. Most of these locations are privately owned and/or have operating hours. Any activity without permission and/or outside of said locations operating hours is trespassing and illegal.
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  1. Yes ma’am! PPS has existed, officially, since 2006. We’ve made two documentaries with most of the locations based right here in Paulding county and held screenings at the Dallas Theater. Combined around 600 people came. Online hundreds of thousands of people have watched! You should check them out!

  2. I have walked out of those wood at all hrs of the night and have had something follow me on 2 occasion but werewolf I dont no ?

  3. I lived in Black Forest sub (right off high shoals road)last year…seen some big deer but no giant coyote…I’ll keep mutt eyes open because Paulding forest and Sheffield is my stomping grounds for hunting

  4. There is allot of wooded land through High Shoals, Johnny Monk and Raccoon Creek area…..never know what you may run into but werewolf I dont think….maybe a large coyote…a bear or possibly a big hog….as for it standing on hind legs makes me think bear

  5. For all the comments about these sightings being “meth” related. What about the old timers that have seen these things? I don’t think they would be “meth” related. I’ve heard about the whompuss cat for many years. Never saw it, but, heard about it from several elders.

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