Stories of The Kennesaw House

The Kennesaw House, a landmark in Marietta, was built in 1845 and has been the subject of much interest in the paranormal field for several decades. Originally a cotton warehouse, the building was purchased and became The Fletcher House Inn for many years. During the times being located near the railroad helped many businesses boom and The Fletcher House Inn was no exception.

During the Civil War James Andrews and several Union soilders spent the night here and from this point they commandeered a train. You may have heard about this; The Great Locomotive Chase. It’s one of the few buildings to survive the Union’s burning of the town which made it an exceptional location to become a makeshift hospital. Located just off Marietta Square, it’s now a museum and is truly a beautiful sight to see.


Tennessee Wanderer; Flickr

Of course this is just the tip of the ice burg and as is with many locations that have such a past it’s not without it’s ghostly sightings and reported claims.

  1. Various visitors have claimed to see “scenes” of what one might expect from an 1800s makeshift hospital. By taking the elevator to the basement some have claimed to see wounded soldiers, operations, and blood splattered all around.
  2. Perhaps the most reported event is that of screams echoing throughout the building, seemingly coming from the basement. The second most reported event is that of foot steps.
  3. Several people, particularly school-aged children, claim to have seen an apparition of a women dressed in a Civil War era dress with pink or peach trim around the edges. Several claims say that this apparition looks exactly like the women in the portrait of Mrs. Fletcher inside the Kennesaw House.
  4. Many alleged photos containing spirits exist. Almost all these pictures were taken in the basement right next to the elevator. We’ve even been told on more than one occasion that the museum’s security cameras have captured some of these spirits. Although the pictures are often dark, it is very apparent that there is a vision in the background. Museum workers have stated that the surveillance cameras have been taken down and that no picture with a ghostly image has been taken since that time, but others refute that and say the images are still being captured today. This particular information is no longer up to date. We’ll see what we can do to get better information.
  5. At least two employees (past or present) have seen a man dressed like a Union soldier and who appears to be a surgeon. The man walks right past them and then disappears.

What say you? Have you ever visited The Kennesaw House? It’s in the next town over. If not for these stories it’s still an amazing place to visit!

The articles published here unless otherwise cited are intended for education and entertainment purposes only. These are stories of lore and personal experiences that PPS has received from others that they feel are with genuine intent. Nothing you see here is meant to be set in stone; rather it’s meant to stir discussion and provoke the imagination.
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  1. My family had a strange experience at the Kennesaw house in 2014. My fiance, 1 year old son, and I stepped out of the elevator on the museum floor and started towards the roped off “scene” of the soldier in the hospital bed. My son was quietly laying in his stroller (as usual) i was standing next to him reading an article on the wall, my fiancee was on the other side of the room, when simultaneously my son started screaming, I felt extremely dizzy and nauseous, and heard my fiancee say “uggh I’m dizzy”….. It lasted about 30 seconds and was just too strange to dismiss all of us at the exact moment experiencing something.

  2. I had a strange feeling as well. As soon as I walked past the desk, through the doorway into the room where the portraits of the former owners are, I felt extreme anxiety. I was fine right before but this hit me like a wall. I walked into the bedroom right there with the picture of H G Cole and something about that picture bothered me. I took pictures of the room and later discovered a picture of that picture where you can clearly see a face that’s not supposed to be there. Anyway, we passed that area and walked into the room with the military displays from all the wars. I was standing in front of the civil war uniform and suddenly felt light headed and sick. I walked away and went to another area of the room and felt better. Very creepy.

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