From The Director

What can I say about PPS? I’ve been here since the beginning and thus far I have no plans to leave. We started out small and grew with the introduction of open community meetings. From there we chose a core group and began to actively investigate homes and historic locations. Over time our methods, equipment, and members have changed but one thing has stayed the same… our thirst for knowledge. It’s something we’ve always strived for. We don’t want to just prove this exists, we want to show you how we can prove this exists. And this means an ever-growing frame of mind to do our best to not limit ourselves from the possibilities of what we don’t know. Of course in doing so we must ensure we remain as objectionable as possible least we allow ourselves to fall into the moment, when things may be happening around us, and lose this frame of mind.

About The Paulding Paranormal Society

The Paulding Paranormal Society formed in 2006 with two goals in mind.

1. To help people in their community and neighboring communities prove or disprove possible supernatural occurrences happening in their lives and help them deal with it accordingly.

2. To bring like-minded individuals together. To grow and to learn.

Since the formation of PPS the team has helped dozens of families and conducted hundreds of cases in the state of Georgia.

While PPS has items that bear the team name we never wear these items for cases, only for special events. When visiting your home or location you will not see anything “PPS” related on our clothes or vehicles. While the “paranormal” has became more mainstream we know, and agree, that discretion is key and we respect your privacy.

Team members are trained in our case-handling protocols. We have rules and policies which we expect our members to fulfill. It’s standard policy to not leave a client in need. If you need help, even far into the future, we want you to ask us to return. Our investigation protocols help ensure accurate evidence we can use to back up your claims.

PPS always tries to keep a positive and helpful state of mind on investigations and team events. We further this by encouraging our team members to participate in team-building exercises, critical debates on the subject of the paranormal, and getting to know one another outside of the professional environment. We try to create a true team unity and make our members proud to be in The Paulding Paranormal Society.