Working with Orbs

Hey gang! We haven’t written an article in a while and thought we would post one because it has been asked of us a lot recently. Well that isn’t true… we write a lot of articles but after some debate within the team we typically opt to not share them. This one, however, we feel we need a common resource to point our clients to when this particular topic comes up.

We’ve always had clients, past and present, try to discuss “orbs” with us and in particular why we don’t bother with them. While some orbs can be amazing and at times mind blowing, the truth is that orbs are pretty hard to actually distinguish and are usually not at the center of any paranormal activity you are experiencing. We typically discard our own orb evidence immediately. It’s difficult to separate positive from false-positive when it comes to orbs. So many anomalies, many unseen by the human eye, can appear in the flash of a camera or lighting that it makes depicting what is and isn’t an orb quite difficult.

Orbs aren’t considered a spirit (or ghost) but rather a form of energy that either indicates a spirit is present, a spirit trying to manifest, or the energy that a ghost needs in order to do an action. There’s a lot of mystery behind what exactly an orb is. More often than not, though, orbs are simply debris in the air like dust or bugs. A dead giveaway on most dust orbs, for example, is the inner ring inside the circle just below the edge.

True orbs are believed to not have this inner ring, to be a spherical shape as opposed to a flat circle, and to illuminate it’s own light. We have special programs that help us narrow down these parameters in determining if an “orb” may be a true orb. But we usually don’t bother. It’s not really considered “evidence” and as stated before it’s not actually a ghost.

Below are some examples of false-positive orbs.

Rich-Dust-Orbs-In-Motion Rich-Bugs-Composite-Thumbnail Rich-White-And-Gray-Dust-Orbs-Thumbnail

Facebook Contest #1

We held a contest to give away an exclusive Tshirt. We annoyed the winner on our Facebook page and are now announcing it here!


Congratulations to our big winner! More contests coming soon.


lmfcWe, as a team, wanted to let some time pass before we made any posts regarding this. Because doing it too soon didn’t feel right.

It’s with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to Lindsey Cannon. A former and associated member of The Paulding Paranormal Society.

Lindsey passed away February 9th, 2013.

Lindsey was someone who was the life of the party. Even with her health issues she remained as cheerful and active as ever… you wouldn’t have known what she was going through given the spirit she kept.

We really and truly hope she finds peace now.

Followup Film Coming

Hey gang!
PPS member Billy here with some updates.

Given the feedback from our first film we’ve decided (and have begun) to develop the followup film to be released in 2013. Our plan is the same as last year… to have a screening then release it on DVD. We’re suppose to meet soon with the local theater about another screening event! But we’ve decided to change up the event format and make it 1 day, have earlier show times, but more screenings per day. This is the plan, though the end result may differ. We’ll keep you updated.

Because we’re first time publishers, the DVD process takes longer. I’ve been assured that the next one, should there be one, will be much faster.

That said, we got our final approval and the DVDs should actually be ready soon. We severely underestimated the review process and we want to apologize to anyone who wants to buy one. We will post about them with a link when they are ready.

All the locations but one in the original film were Paulding County based. And our hope (and goal) for the followup is to include more locations that are OK with us displaying their names on film.

Thank you for your time and for your support!

Your friendly neighborhood ghost hunters!

PPS & 2013

So you may have noticed that we’re whipping out a new design. We’re still working on tweaking it just right and adding great new features. We really hope you’ll like what the new website will have to offer. We want to make it more interactive so you guys can join us for a lot of our events.

2013 brings a lot of promise, hope, and projects to the team. Primarily the followup to our 2012 film, Verifiable Evidence. This project is already underway and we can’t be more excited. Expect some updates on that as soon as we have them available.

Many of you have messaged us asking about the DVD release of our film and I want to assure everyone that this is still happening, that this is still in the works. The approval process took longer than we expected, though maybe we shouldn’t have. Our publisher states “allow up to 4 weeks” and we took the “allow up to” a little too liberally. Once it’s available, it’ll be posted here and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

2013 is also going to see us attempt to finally get our Youtube series off the ground. In this series you’ll see interviews with team members and evidence from cases. Nothing too crazy or spectacular, but hopefully entertaining.

We hope everyone had a safe and happy new year and we cannot wait to see you in 2013!

p.s. For our followup film, we have a large list of locations we plan to target and include. But if you have a place you think we may not have thought of then please feel free to contact us and let us know.