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Are Aliens among us in Paulding County? PROBABLY!

1025321_10151789132627577_1152877210_oOK so probably not… but we seem to be touching on subjects many feel are outside our safe zone. Hopefully our recent articles have helped you understand that we get reports on many different experiences and events. Indeed, we do have a well-rounded resume when it comes to dealing with the paranormal.

That said… ALIENS!!!

Yes you read that right. There have been many alien and UFO sightings over the decades here in our neck of the woods.

One story we’ve gotten truly stands out…

A lady we’ll call Mrs. Lee was washing dishing as her husband unwound in front of the TV after a hard day of work. She remembers a strange sound but thought nothing of it. Moments later the house began to shake. As more seconds went by the more it shook. It reached a point where Mrs. Lee could not even hear herself speak. She stepped out the backdoor and claims that a silver saucer shape craft was hovering only a few feet above her home. She began to scream for her husband. Over and over and she says it felt like forever before he began to make his way out there. As he approached the backdoor Mrs. Lee says that the craft zoomed away. Straight up into the clouds. It did not fly away, it did not maneuver… it simply zoomed into the sky, into nothingness. He didn’t get to witness the event but recalls the house shaking.

And this is only one of the stories we’ve gotten from Paulding and the surrounding areas.

MUFON, THE UFO association in the United States. The guys who are actually taken seriously… have 15 reported sightings for our area in the last 6 years alone!!! Think about that… one of the largest and most recognized alien/ufo organizations in the world have 15 Paulding-based reported sightings… in 6 years. That’s astounding.

Here are the short descriptions of few of the more interesting ones:

    1. 2015-06-29 – Round disk/saucer shaped UFO with blinking lights around the edge -stationary no sound – Dallas, GA, US
    2. 2015-02-07 – Was leaving neighborhood and over the trees ahead of me I saw a bright descending something in the distance. – Dallas, GA, US
    3. 2014-01-14 – beautiful lighted craft floated right over head. – Dallas, GA, US
    4. 2012-12-19 – orange glowing object with erratic flight path. Hovered, then went out like a dying ember. – Powder Springs, GA, US
    5. 2012-10-11 – zig zagged back and forth from left to rIght – Yorkville, GA, US
    6. 2011-10-09 – we saw two stationary rectangular object motionless in an odd color cloud formation while driving home. – Dallas, GA, GA, US
    7. 2010-08-06 – ORB in sky…2nd sighting.- Dallas, GA, US
    8. 2009-06-26 – White circle going N to S brightened and changed colors as it descended to treetop height then ascended and continued south. – Acworth, GA, US

Even the specific MUFON branch for Georgia has one detailed account listed under their sightings page. It goes: “September 28, 2011, approx. 7:30 PM, Dallas – A couple (40s) and their teenage daughter were driving home to Rockmart on Highway 278 when they spotted two stationary rectangular objects hanging motionless in an odd color cloud formation. The objects were first seen, and remained, to the west, in their direction of travel. The reporting witness (husband), who was not driving and thus was free to carefully observe the objects, first noticed a strange cloud formation after crossing GA Highway 92.Read the rest here.

This particular branch of the paranormal is the most difficult to deal with. It’s one of those things that has to be experienced and all that’s left are stories and experiences. Rarely have there been any credible photos or videos of the witnessed events. Still… it’s incredibly fascinating.

What do you have to say, Paulding? What’s your story?

The Bigfoot of Paulding County, Y’all

17_5099075_0_1423287085_636x435Another one that’s a little more out there than most… Paulding county has a rather well-known Bigfoot legend, or at least well known to many Bigfoot researchers.

Most of the sightings date back to the early to mid 1900’s and typically take place in Yorkville and the surrounding areas. I, myself, was even told to speak with some of the old-timers at Scott’s Market about the sightings. A few had stories to tell.

One that sticks out in my mind is that of a man we’ll call “Chuck”. To Chuck, Bigfoot was very well known in our area in his youth. So much so that a lot of the youths at the time would go camping and hunting for him. He and his brother decided to set a trap to capture Bigfoot. They hung some meat off an old tree with a trap and went to sleep. They did this a few times to no avail. One night, however, they woke up to the sounds of rustling in the bushes several feet away. They checked their trap and noticed the meat was gone and a giant footprints in the mud. It was enough to make them leave their little camp sight and run home.

I’ve heard several stories like this from many in the area all dating back to the same era. Are stories like this legitimate? Who is to say. It’s his experience and isn’t that what really matters? But it’s enough to peak our curiosity on the subject. Sightings still happen to this day. Even we’ve gotten some reported sightings but very few. Though the sightings aren’t just in Yorkville, several have happened all over the county in the last 10 years.

From BFRO (Bigfoot Research Organization):

January 2015 (Class B) – Teen looking out his back window spots a figure behind a tree south of Rockmart
August 2012 (Class B) – Unusual scream and possible print found in neighborhood next to Pickett’s Mill Battlefiield
October 2011 (Class A) – Motorist observes large ape-like creature in her headlights on Old Cartersville Rd. near Dallas
August 2011 (Class B) – Marine veteran hears strange howls late at night near Acworth
February 2007 (Class A) – Nighttime sighting by motorists on Hwy 101 near Hannah Swamp
June 2006 (Class B) – Possible sighting, vocalizations, stalking, etc., near Sweetwater Creek
June 2006 (Class B) – Public service officer hears unidentifiable screams and grunts near Hiram
June 2006 (Class A) – Nighttime sighting by motorists outside Hiram
May 2004 (Class A) – LEO recalls his daylight sighting as a youth with his horses NW of Atlanta

Here’s the original source.

So what do you have to say? Have you ever had an encounter with the Paulding County Bigfoot?

The articles published here unless otherwise cited are intended for education and entertainment purposes only. These are stories of lore and personal experiences that PPS has received from others that they feel are with genuine intent. Nothing you see here is meant to be set in stone; rather it’s meant to stir discussion and provoke the imagination.

Verifiable Evidence now on Youtube

YES! That’s right! Since the DVD release is delayed we’re pleased to bring you, our readers, free streaming of our movie, Verifiable Evidence, on YOUTUBE! See real paranormal evidence from right here in your own backyard and see interviews with the team members who were there to capture the evidence! You won’t be disappointed!


Verifiable Evidence 2: Haunted Houses – The First Trailer

We’ve had some great cases this year and really look forward the what 2013 still has to bring! In  the mean time we decided to jump the gun a little and release the first trailer for this year film.

The Paulding Paranormal Society
Verifiable Evidence 2: Haunted Houses
Join PPS as we venture into some of our areas most haunted homes. You won’t believe some of the evidence captured this year. And who knows… it could be just next door!

Just to add… all the cases may not be homes but most of them will be. We’re still going over our recordings and evidence to see what fits and what doesn’t. We still have many more upcoming cases so stay tuned!

Last year’s film, for the DVD release had to be postponed (sent in a revised copy) but we plan to offer, now, both DVD release as well as making a modified version available on Youtube! Stay tuned for that.

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