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New Video

Got a great new video up in our Video Evidence section. Check it out by clicking the link.

Contact Form Update

I’ve found the time to go through the backlog emails and send messages to all those who have sent messages to us.

I want to apologize to everyone for the entire team about not getting back to you sooner.

The form has been fixed and adjustments have been made so that it doesn’t happen again.


Contact Us Now Fixed

Hey guys,
Our contact form has been messed up since we upgraded our software.

All is well again!


Jan 2011 Updates

Ah the start of a new year and we’ve got many exciting things planned this year.

Maybe we’ll finally get the case reports 100% updated for online view.
We have a couple pending cases, so hopefully that means more evidence to show to you, ours readers.
The members page has a few new fill outs in it. That page isn’t mandatory for our members to be shown in. But they’re slowly coming around.

We have a HUGE announcement coming up in the next few months. Once we finalize a name and get a all our ducks in a row we’ll be sharing it for everyone.

While we’re always speaking with potential clients and handling cases we always have room for more. If you are dealing with a supernatural experience and would like answers, please feel free to CONTACT US.


We’ve been working diligently on upgrading the site. We’ve spruced up about “About” page, we’ve created a “Members” page and it’s currently being filled, and we’re working on a new “Are You Haunted” Check list for our visitors. Also our Video Evidence page is up!

With that, Haunted Euharlee was an amazing experience and I thank everyone who came.
We also have a couple cases this month.

We’ll keep you guys posted!