Category : PPS News

Evidence from new case on the way

We got some new case evidence coming up including some from our most recent cases. An EVP caught during the most recent case is already online in the Audio Evidence section and the investigation has prompted us to finally make a Video Evidence section (coming soon).

New photos added

Added some new photos in the Photo Evidence section. More will come asap.

2 new EVPs added

We’ve added 2 new EVPs in the Audio Evidence section. More will come asap.

Upcoming Meeting, Site Changes, & More

Hello All!
We have a scheduled meeting for March. Emails have been dispatched to those of you attending.

Updated the site so that we could use the back-end with more functionality. It will allow us to add new features and give us a better outlet for the community.

We decided to setup a Facebook page. You can click here to go to it. Add us as a fan.

Got a few things lined up that we’re excited about. Even a halloween event. You’ll be updated on this as the time comes closer. FYI to members, we’ll be going over the platform more at the meeting.

The new server seems to be working out quite well. No downtime since the big move.

We’ll be posting up more general paranormal information over the next few months. We’ve made a decision to not only investigate your claims but to also inform you on it as well.