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Brushy Mountain Road


The truth is that most people and most places are going to have a story to tell. Point at a road and history abounds. Point at a house and someone will have a story to tell. A memory. An event. Something. So when we get reports, we try our best to look at the location or the area as a whole. We ask things like “How many reported sightings have we gotten?”, or, “How varying are the reports?”.

More often than not the stories that we hear have a ring of truth to them. Does that make them actual and factual? I cannot say. But it does leave us interested and wanting to discover more. We feel that lore is a very important part of any community. As well known as Old White Oak Cemetery and High Shoals are, just imagine how boring our community would be without that lore.

With that we bring you Brushy Mountain Road. Nestled in Braswell, GA this old, mostly dirt road has seen its fair share of local history and lore. Bigfoot sightings, (yes, seriously), vanishing spirits, and much more have been reported here. Some of the reports we’ve gotten (and even experienced first hand) are..

  1. A vanishing motorcycle has been reported numerous times. I would have thought it nothing more than but local lore until myself and a couple of teammates unexpectedly experienced it for ourselves. We’ve heard reported sightings of this twice since it happened to us. As it goes, you’re driving down the dirt road and notice a motorcycle behind you. You think nothing of it – cars get behind you all the time. Before you reach the railroad tracks, it disappears. Sounds simple enough, right? It could be something that you just missed, weren’t paying attention to, and all in relation to what would be local lore. When it happened to us we decided to go back and retrace the path as best we could. From the last time we had seen the headlights to the time we realized they weren’t there anymore, we found no side paths, no cutoffs, and no driveways. Nothing was seen or heard. Seemingly, the motorcycle simply disappeared. Does that make it verifiable? Probably not, but it makes it very interesting for us. It’s still a topic we discuss to this day. Are we all mistaken? It’s possible but aside from our own experience it’s been reported to us 8 times in 7 years.
  2. A ghostly hitchhiker has been reported several times to us. In every occurrence he appears to be homeless. Though unconfirmed, we were told in one report that they had stopped to pick him up. He was seen walking to the car, approached the door, and then he was gone. The most common reports of him seem to have happened in the 80’s and 90’s but we’ve had other reported sightings sporadically throughout the years.
  3. There is a “ghost train” legend here. Reports vary from seeing lights to only hearing the train coming. Some reports have even claimed to feel the ground beneath them shake but nothing ever comes. Lights and sounds simply fade away. Varying reports, too, put the phenomena at both the derelict train tunnel and at the active tracks nearby.
  4. Unverified local lore has it that this road was home to a newly built school at the end of the Civil War. The home/building no longer stands, but it is said that a mentally-ill solider entered the school one day and began shooting up the place. Since then, those who believe they know where the school once stood have claimed to hear phantom gun shots and screams in the area. We’ve yet to confirm this school’s existence, but we’ve been told the story twice and have had three reports of the events mentioned above.

This may just be the tip of the iceberg. There could be several stories, several experiences, not being reported to us.

We’ll be covering the old Braswell Tunnel, located off of this road, very soon.

What say you? Have you ever experienced anything on Brushy Mountain Road?

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