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Old White Oak Cemetery in Dallas GA

14853686768060From time to time we get questions and requests regarding Old White Oak Cemetery here in Dallas, Georgia. Sometimes people asking if a local legend is true, sometimes people asking about investigating the location. First let me state, investigate at your own risk. We cannot give you permission to check this place out. We advise against it. Again, investigate at your own risk. That said… here’s what we do know regarding sightings, facts, or what have you for Old White Oak Cemetery.

  1. Figures in black cloaks have been seen. We’ve gotten this report a lot throughout the years. In fact I only thought it myth until during one trip a few years ago I found a black cloak and red candled presumably left behind.
  2. The most reported sighting is that of “Old Jack”. Typically between the two trees in the near-middle of the cemetery (one has the Old White Oak sign on it). He’s also been reported to not be very gentle with women. Even investigators in PPS have said they’ve had their hair pulled, feeling as if they were being shoved, and once someone fell straight to the ground.
  3. Another common subject reported to us is the feeling that “something followed you home”.
  4. It’s one of two “witches graveyards” here in Paulding County. Supposedly there’s a witch buried at Old White Oak. Probably just one of those old urban (rural?) legends but it’s been a thing since before I was even born. She’s said to be buried in the far right corner of the cemetery if you’re facing it from the road.
  5. There are/were roughly 75-100 grave markers but supposedly there are nearly 200 people buried here. We base this number on some paperwork that has been presented to us. If true, where are the others buried?

This is mostly about the most common things related to Old White Oak Cemetery. Like we’ve gotten a couple reports of Civil War era soldiers seen marching on the road but too few to mention. I’m sure I’m missing a few things and if or when they come to mind I’ll add to this list but I wanted to clear a few things up. Some local stories have been brought to our attention that, as far as we know, have never been a part of the mythos surrounding this graveyard. We wanted to put something out there so you know where we stand. Feel free to shout out in the comments and tell us what you’ve experienced here, if anything at all!

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