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High Shoals: The Other Witch’s Graveyard

For those who don’t know, Paulding County is home to not one, but TWO witch’s graveyards. You read about the first witch’s graveyard here and we were barely able to touch base on it. We’ll do our best to get something up soon that goes more into detail.

The High Shoals Cemetery and the adjacent waterfall behind the graveyard are ripe with stories from so many people here in Paulding. Stories of spirits and strange creatures are very common among the reported sightings. Just like Old White Oak Cemetery, we want to share with you what we know and have heard about High Shoals.

  1. A woman in white roaming the woods, around the waterfall, as well as in the cemetery itself is the most reported ghost sighting. We’ve only ever had one report that placed this entity at the roadside. She’s described as a dull (non-glowing) spirit in a slim white dress with straight blonde hair.
  2. To add to that, there has also been sightings of a Union solider at the side of the water fall drinking from it.
  3. Even more eerie, we’ve gotten reports of the sounds of a small child drowning at the waterfall. When good Samaritans run toward the sound, it stops and no one is in sight.
  4. This is the exact area where a number of the reported “werewolf sightings” have taken place.
  5. High Shoals Cemetery is said to have two witches buried there. From what we have heard, it seems that they are more than likely buried in the back-center of the cemetery. As the local legend goes, they were two spinster sisters who both went crazy (for unknown reasons). Among other things, they had been accused of supposedly “cursing the woods”.

Who is to say that these event may have actually happened? People experience what they experience and believe what they believe. When we’re told about a reported sighting, you can sometimes hear a “ring of truth” to what the person is telling you. As though they’re saying “this actually happened to me, I know I sounds crazy.”

What say you? Have you had any experiences at High Shoals Cemetery? What do you think about the reported sightings listed here?

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