From The Director

I am very proud to call each and every person listed here a member of PPS. Some are new, and some are old, but all have shown an amazing amount of will and determination to further their understanding and to help clients in need. While we may have specific team duties everyone truly pitches in on whatever is needed. Again, I am very proud to call them members of The Paulding Paranormal Society.

Core Members

Name: Billy
Bio: The paranormal has always been something I’ve enjoyed reading about, talking about, and learning about. It seemed natural for me to want to investigate some of the claims made by my friends and family. My curiosity grew with age and I’ve continued to help not only my friends and family, but those in my community and surrounding areas with experiences and claims that they’ve made over the years.
Team Duties: Founder, Director, Lead Investigator
Name: Erica
Bio: Most people get out of the “why” stage as a child and I just simply never shook it. It takes a great deal to spark my interest but once done can’t be undone. I have to see all sides of a subject and a need to understand it. My interest in the paranormal stems from several instances that took place in the home I grew up in. I had tried to ignore the happenings but as time went on others had the same or similar experience, without me having shared my own, and so the curiosity was born. I am not truly satisfied with a piece of evidence until we have done ever thing we can to debunk it. Since joining the team I have to say I have been pleased with what we have caught. I am also pleased to have found myself surrounded by people with the same curious hunger for true evidence. People, who like me, posses a skeptical and questioning nature.
Team Duties: Case Manager / Lead Investigator
Name: Josh
Bio: I got into the paranormal field because I’ve always felt like someone or something was watching me since I was a kid. I wanted to figure out what they were and what they wanted.
Team Duties: Evidence Analysis / Lead Investigator
Name: Jill
Bio: As a kid who used to hide under their covers at the slightest bump in the night, my interest in the paranormal field has greatly expanded over the years. To me, finding the balance between my religious beliefs as a Methodist raised Christian, scientific beliefs, and paranormal beliefs has not always been easy or made sense. But the more I learn and am able to experiment with the paranormal, the closer I am to intertwining them all together. I believe that investigating is the most probable way to study this phenomena and to get closer to the real truth of “life after death” or what ever it truly may be.
Team Duties: Social Media Manager / Lead Investigator
Name: Jason
Bio: I’ve always been a big believer in things considered paranormal. I believe in spirits and love ghost hunting but my interest rest more on conspiracy and alien/ufo phenomena.
Team Duties: Investigator, Alternative Paranormal
Name: Jennifer
Bio: I have always been interested in the paranormal and the things that couldn’t be explained as far back as I can remember. It was a fascination of mine that I read about and watched movies about whenever I could. My interest then developed into investigating when I had a few personal experiences in my home that I couldn’t explain. I wanted to know what was in my home and why it was reaching out to me. I also want to help others who have similar questions, curiosities and experiences as I did.
Team Duties: Lead Investigator
Name: Brian
Team Duties: Lead Investigator
Name: Anita
Team Duties: Lead Investigator

Associate Members

Name: Adam
Bio: My first exposure to the paranormal was a book I checked out of my elementary school library sometime around 4th or 5th grade. I remember that the book contained the famous “Brown Lady of Raynham Hall” photograph from 1936, and I was totally blown away. I had so many questions about that particular photograph; who was she? Has anyone tried to speak to her? Is this even real? I knew then that I would probably develop some obsessive need to explore the subject, so I checked out every book on the paranormal from every library in a 10 mile radius, reading each of them about 4 times. Sixteen years later I’m still trying to answer those same questions.
Team Duties: Investigator, Evidence Analysis
Name: Tim
Bio: I originally joined PPS because several of my friends were in the team. I had never had a personal experience, to speak of… nothing I felt wasn’t my imagination or that I couldn’t explain. Having a true paranormal experience was a goal of mine in joining the team. I’ve always been a “skeptical believer”. Shortly after joining the team I had an experience while at a cookout with those same friends.
Team Duties: Investigator, Equipment Tech

Out Of Area Members

Name: Chris
Bio: Formerly living in Metro Atlanta, Chris is now a resident of Savannah, Georgia. For over a decade, he has been investigating cases of reported paranormal phenomena, helping people understand what is happening in their lives. In 2006, Chris and longtime friend, Billy, founded the PPS, a group for people to call when they believe they have a paranormal experience. He has been featured in many articles, radio and news programs. Chris is a student of Film and Video Production. He is a published author of many articles related to ghost and paranormal phenomena and is currently working on his first book.
Team Duties: Founder, Director of PPS-Savannah, Lead Investigator
Name: Adam G.
Team Duties: Researcher

Team Duties Key

Director – Current Head of Organization
Lead Investigator – Assigned and Leads on cases. They handle client communications, case reports, and all investigations related to the case assigned as well as request team members to accompany them on cases.
Investigator – Generally applied to newer members. They are “in training” on case protocol and accompany lead investigators on cases if requested.
Evidence Analysis – Researches techniques to further separate positive evidence from false-positive evidence.
Case Manager – Keeps track of cases for lead investigators. Request updates, and contacts clients if able and requested.
Client Liaison – Deals with any issues clients may have with past, present, and future cases. Reports to lead investigators and the director and assures that matters are handled in a timely manner.
Researcher – Similar to Historian except usually more centralized on the case at hand.
Historian – Studies history of the location and areas the team is investigating.
Equipment Tech – Researches and suggest equipment for team use.
Alternative Paranormal – “Outside The Box” thinking on cases. Usually consulted upon for stranger cases.
Demonologist – Studies and deals with cases believed to be demonic in nature.